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Alamo City Military Surplus

USGI PASGT Helmet Cover

USGI PASGT Helmet Cover

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A genuine US Army issue woodland camo cover to hide that conspicuous kevlar dome atop your noggin. Suitable for use with PASGT (Personnel Armour System for Ground Troops) helmets. This cover features the classic US M81 woodland pattern on a cotton material. For additional concealment, foliage can be inserted into the slits found around the entire cover. Hook & loop tabs attach the cover to suspension on the helmet for a secure fit. Nothing beats genuine military surplus for your airsoft/paintball needs.


  • Genuine US Army surplus
  • Hook & loop tabs for attachment
  • Foliage slits

NSN: 8415-01-092-7515
Weight: 70g
Content: Cotton
Colour: Woodland

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