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Alamo City Military Surplus

US GI Military Surplus Alice Clips Belt Keepers

US GI Military Surplus Alice Clips Belt Keepers

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The alice clips are used as a military fastener to attach equipment to your belt or pack. This product includes one alice keeper clip belt piece. Originally part of the LC-1 ALICE system, they have become widely used in many platforms. It works by sliding the back gate up or to the open position, attaching it to your gear and then sliding it on the belt or vest in your designated spot. You then close the gate and your gear is secure until you decide to remove or relocate its position.


• Good Condition
• ALICE keeper clip with slide lock, tempered gear clip
• Metal Black Finish
• ALICE clips that can be used to attach many Pouches to your belt or vest
• Includes 1 Alice Keeper Clip Belt Slide Piece

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