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Alamo City Military Surplus

P-51 Can Opener 10 Pack Origina

P-51 Can Opener 10 Pack Origina

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You never seem to have enough of the military issue P-51 can opener.  These measures approximately 2.0 inches in length making it a half inch longer than the P-38 so they are easier to grip. Like the P-38, they are lightweight, easy transportable, requires no electricity and will remain durable for many years.  The P-51 and the P-38 are excellent tools for survivalist, bug out or any type of emergency preparedness kits. The P-51 can opener is issued currently as part of the military “tray rations” which is bulk canned meals. You can also find them being used in disaster recovery and alongside canned food by rescue organizations. The P-38 and P-51 gained popularity due to its' multiple functions and is still in production today. by the original Shelby brand.

Feature & Specs of the P-51 Can Opener

  • Lightweight, packable 
  • 10 Per order
  • Can be worn (punched hole) 
  • Durable & tough 
  • Easy to operate 
  • Requires no electricity 
  • Multiple uses 
  • Reasonable Cost  
  • 2.0 inches in length 
  • USA Made  
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