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Alamo City Military Surplus

3"x 5" Waterproof Notebook With Pencil

3"x 5" Waterproof Notebook With Pencil

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The SE Survivor Series 3" x 5" Waterproof Notebook with Pencil keeps your discoveries and notes protected from the elements. If you want a notebook that will not get ruined and turn unusable by moisture, sweat, or water, this bright green all-weather notebook is a great choice. The pages are coated to withstand wet and damp environments. You can use it with graphite-based writing instruments because it is smudge-proof and it comes with a 3" pencil. It is bound by a spiral on the top and there are 50 sheets of 3" x 5" wide-ruled paper. It is conveniently pocket-sized and can be used for traveling. There is also a green ruler measuring inches and millimeters on the sides of the notebook. This product is compact-sized and you can conveniently store it in your backpack, handbag, pocket, and more. This notebook is great for your survival kit and keeping your ideas, lists, logs, and plans safe in wet environments when camping, hiking, outdoors, or in a lab or greenhouse environment. It is also ideal for corporate and/or citizen journalists, emergency first responders, law enforcement, or nurses because many breaking news stories, events, and situations occur outside in a variety of weather types. This notebook protects notes from humidity, moisture, rain, or snow.

• Dimensions : 3" x 5"
• 50 Sheets/Tear Proof
• Waterproof
• Smudgeproof with Graphite
• Bright Colors for Signals
• Pocket-Sized
• Pencil Included

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